Aluminium facades


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Aluminium facades are currently one of the most commonly used solutions, made specifically for public, commercial or retail buildings. By using Aluminium    facades in your space, you will get a whole new look of your building. By properties which Aluminium     has, we can create spatial constructions, completely tailored to your expectations. The use of aluminium    facades in the facility or building will give it a unique atmosphere, while adding the aesthetic value. The facade systems created by us are resistant to weather conditions and corrosion, and their quality is at the highest level.

Higher and higher customer requirements make our arrangements innovative solutions that have the possibility of integration with other elements of the construction, such as sliding windows. Attention to every detail and customer’s influence on the appearance of the facade make the product fulfil its role and that is maximally suited to the needs. Our work is not only professional advice, but also quick and efficient installation, which will allow you to enjoy the new look of your investment.

  • based on several high-class systems
  • mullion-transom facades
  • structural facades
  • special widths facades
  • facade blinds

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